Sponsorship Opportunities

Financial Scholarships

Sponsored by Dianne Elliott

Southern California Piano Conservatory Foundation awards financial scholarships to qualified students who are pursuing a music education.

Merit Scholarships

Available: $10,000

Merit Scholarships are awarded based on the student's artistic, academic, leadership, pedagogy, and volunteerism accomplishments.

Where Needed Most Fund

Available: $8,200

Donations towards "Where Needed Most" are reserved into a general fund that can be used to provide for a variety of essential needs faced by foundation.

Recital and Concert

Sponsored by Caplan Weiss Families

Each year the Southern California Piano Conservatory Foundation sponsors a Spring Recital and Concert where music students perform for the community.

Winter Jam

Available: $2,000

Winter Jam is a special concert event that honors and celebrates Sponsors, Angels, and Friends for their generous contributions to the foundation.

Melodies Vocal Workshop

Available: $2,500

Melodies is the SCPC Foundation's youngest vocal workshop consisting of aspiring singers from 1st to 5th grades. All workshops culminate in a performance for families and friends.

Harmonies Vocal Workshop

Available: $2,500

Harmonies is a Vocal Workshop created for middle school and high school students. Participants learn songs, harmonize, learn to work with their peers, and most of all have fun!

Guitar Workshop

Available: $2,500

Guitar Workshops are held all year long for kids ages 10-18 years. Participants learn group songs on guitar, get featured as soloists and perform in front of an audience.

Teacher Training Program

Sponsored by Julia and Alfredo Cantu

We train eligible students who wish to teach piano, covering pedagogy, performance, student evaluations, and musical selections. Student-Teachers also learn how to manage their own business, draft contracts, and create lesson plans.

Annual Holiday Event at Maria’s Kitchen

Sponsored by The Shah Family

The SCPC Foundation Holiday Event is a community outreach event that is held annually on the first Sunday of December at Maria's Kitchen in Woodland Hills.

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