Teacher Training Program

Sponsored by Julia and Alfredo Cantu

Sponsorship Amount $1,000

The Teacher Training Program trains eligible students who wish to teach piano. Classes include an Introductory Course to Teaching and seminars that are held 3-4 times a year. Seminars are designed to create teachers as well as musicians by covering pedagogy, performance, student evaluations, and musical selections. Student-Teachers share what they have taught and learned with each other by giving constructive criticism and self-evaluating their growing skills. They also learn important life skills such as building their own business, drafting contracts, managing money, and creating lesson plans.

Classes and seminars are administered and headed by Tina Caplan Weiss and Kristine Sillona.


The following have been trained as teachers by the SCPC Foundation.

Joshua Brain
Jocelyn Brown
Taylor Boyd
Devin Burgess
Maria Cantu
Jennifer Chemel
Lauren Cleland
Noah Cotler
Miranda Crosley
Kira Cummins

Desiree Delavary
Erin Dillon
Emily Gilbertson
Melissa Gillette
Mark Guberman
Ashley Himmelstern
Andrew Kaye
Julia Kulik
Caleb Kuehne
Stephanie Kupfer

Hannah Lewis
Natasha Lewis
Tatiana Megerdichian
Andre Newberg
Nicole Nunn
Michael Pelavin
Erin Pool
Joyce Ramstedt
Hailey Roberts
Jennifer Robin

Marlene Robinson
Lindsay Rosenblatt
Zac Rosenblum
Gloria Sherman
Julianne Sillona-de Leon
Kristine Sillona
Ezra Soriano
Ari Vogel
Talya Vogel
Charlotte Weiss

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