Re-Register Your Ralphs Card Beginning September 1st, 2016

Register your Ralphs Rewards Card! (new & returning) 

Beginning September 1st at

Choose Southern California Piano Conservatory Foundation as your organization.

Thanks to Ralph’s Grocery Stores, we have found a very easy way for you to donate to SCPC Foundation… and it won’t cost you a penny!

 (Click for website registration instructions)


Thank you for helping us raise over $6,000 each year.
Now we need your help more than ever.

Ralphs’ donation is essential to our operation and without it, we cannot survive. Ralphs is requiring everyone to re-register their Ralphs Club card beginning September 1st. It is an easy way to donate money to the SCPC Foundation and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

We would love you to register online yourself. But, we’ll take care of it for you if you are unable to. Please inform us once you’ve registered by email or text at 818-399-8737 to avoid double registration.

You may register at beginning September 1st.
Choose Southern California Piano Conservatory Foundation as your organization (our NPO is 94081).

Click here for complete website registration instructions.

Thank you for your support and keeping the music alive in our community. 

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